1. Sheep Pick up Food
Online Player:558
Tap the sheep and get all the vegetables.
2. Pearl Puzzle
Online Player:511
Take out all the pearls.
3. Hit Pop
Online Player:273
Bubbles use a certain number, there will be a new color.
4. Fruit Picking
Online Player:219
Pick the fruits and sort them into plates.
5. Flower Falling
Online Player:209
Click on the falling flower, three flowers of the same color will explode.
6. Flowering
Online Player:192
The most popular game of this year, romantic and beautiful!
7. Pick Gold Melon
Online Player:173
Can you pick the golden melon at the top of the vine?
8. Magical Dice
Online Player:126
The small one combines with the big one until sice.
9. Fresh Fruit Platter
Online Player:123
Can you spell all the fruit
10. Run the Train
Online Player:112
Click the train to enter the track
11. Mining Gems
Online Player:106
Harvest all the gems and make a fortune
12. Flower Rising
Online Player:90
Pick up flowers and make match 3.
13. Wipe the Paint
Online Player:79
Click on the car and erase the paint.
14. Touch Cabbage
Online Player:77
Click on the animal and push away the cabbage.
15. Moving Car
Online Player:75
Click on the car and drive out. Don't crash.
16. Pig Escape
Online Player:68
Let all the pigs run out.
17. Solitaire
Online Player:59
Classic mini game: Solitaire!
18. Fruit Clearance
Online Player:58
Fruit harvest season, fruit clearance!
19. Cactus Ball
Online Player:57
Many cactus balls
20. Fruit Combo
Online Player:53
Hit the fruits continuously to challenge high scores.
21. Poker Stud
Online Player:49
Want to be a God of Gamblers? come quickly!
22. Snake Go!
Online Player:47
The snakes are too crowded, help them.
23. Cakes Takedown
Online Player:41
Cakes of the same color can be eliminated
24. Parking Jam
Online Player:39
Click on the car to drive out of the parking lot.
25. Move the Cat
Online Player:36
Move the cat to complete a row and eliminate it.
26. Fruits on Plate
Online Player:32
Sort the fruits and put them on a plate.
27. Birds Sort
Online Player:31
Making the same species of birds to appear on the same branch.
28. Block Match 3
Online Player:30
Move your little hands and leave nothing behind.
29. Crossroads
Online Player:25
Get all the cars out
30. Fruit Ice
Online Player:24
Click on the fruit and pick the frozen fruit.
31. Cake Roll
Online Player:22
Roll up the same cake.
32. Mahjong Cubes
Online Player:22
Try to click two identical mahjong, there are surprises!
33. Fruit Shooter
Online Player:16
Fire bullets and destroy the fruit army!
34. Find Parking Space
Online Player:14
Park the car in your own parking space
35. Pizza Platter
Online Player:14
Classify various pizza slices and assemble them into a complete pizza!
36. Eat a Sandwich
Online Player:11
Put all the sandwich ingredients on the plate!
37. 30 Layer Cone
Online Player:10
30 is the limit, challenge the limit!
38. Splicing Car
Online Player:9
Join the cars together and become a vehicle master.
39. Wine Making
Online Player:9
Click on the drop of grapes to eliminate three grapes of the same color
40. Flower Battle
Online Player:8
Try your best not to let the snail bite the flower.
41. Heavy Traffic Jam
Online Player:8
Clear the railway and let the high-speed railway go out
42. Bullfight
Online Player:8
Guide the cows out, be careful not to block the traffic!
43. Become Watermelon
Online Player:7
Control the falling position of the fruit, collision synthesis
44. Find Parking Space
Online Player:7
Drive the car into the parking space
45. Hippo Eats Watermelon
Online Player:7
Click on the watermelon and let the hippopotamus eat it all up
46. Hens Lay Eggs
Online Player:6
Slide the control basket left and right to try to catch all the eggs
47. Order Parking
Online Player:6
Be careful not to bump into anything when parking!
48. Flying card
Online Player:5
Three elements with the same color can be eliminated
49. Fallen leaves to roots
Online Player:5
Eliminate all leaves and see how far you can go
50. Puppy Corgi
Online Player:4
Click on the puppy to let the puppy run out
51. Selling Oil
Online Player:3
Click on the screen to start pouring oil.
52. Fly Planes
Online Player:3
Click the aircraft and move to the corresponding position
53. Fruit King
Online Player:3
Want to become a fruit king? Come on then!
54. Send Eggs
Online Player:3
Keep the eggs from falling to the ground
55. Nailed on the Board
Online Player:3
Click to shoot nails and lay boards
56. Gopher Burrowing
Online Player:3
Click on the mouse and let them all burrow into the hole
57. Alchemy
Online Player:2
Touch the stone and turn it into gold! try it?
58. Tomato Farm
Online Player:2
Tomato harvest!
59. Sprinting Sheep
Online Player:2
Two flocks duel, don't lose!
60. Pick Fruit
Online Player:2
A big bowl will eat the fruit, don't let the fruit overflow.
61. Pull Turnips
Online Player:1
Help the rabbit finish pulling the radish on the ground.
62. Archery Master
Online Player:1
How many stakes can you shoot
63. Giraffe Eating Fruit
Online Player:1
The giraffe is hungry. Come and eat some fruits.
64. Hammer a Nail
Online Player:1
Throw all the nails in
65. Duck Party
Online Player:1
Let all the little ducks enter the water
66. Butterflies Flying
Online Player:1
Let the butterfly dance by clicking on the same wings
67. Fish to Water
Online Player:1
Don't let the fish hang in the sky
68. Parking Master
Online Player:0
Click !
69. 30 Apples
Online Player:0
There are 30 apples on the tree. See how many you can pick up?
70. Eat Fruit
Online Player:0
Click the upper fruit, and three can be eliminated.
71. Catch Doll
Online Player:0
Click the screen to catch the doll.
72. A thirsty crow
Online Player:0
Catch falling stones and let the water level rise
73. Heavy Traffic
Online Player:0
Click a car! Get out! Don't crash!
74. Peel off Peel
Online Player:0
Want the full pulp? Let’s peel it!
75. Stunt Motorcycle
Online Player:0
The highest towers begin from the ground
76. Harvest Fruit
Online Player:0
Let the same flowers collide and bear fruit
77. Many Birds
Online Player:0
Control your bird and fly to the finish line of victory!
78. Block the Ice Hole
Online Player:0
Fill Up the Ice Hole
79. Speed Chariot
Online Player:0
Buckle up and get ready to drift!